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Westside Dental Clinic That Will Save You Time

Westside Dental Clinic That Will Save You Time

If someone asked for you $50 dollars without explanation, would you give it you them?


Of course not. You worked hard for that money. If they want extra money, they should go and put a few extra hours in at the office.

Most people are quick to realize the value of their time while at work. In the workplace, we are accustomed to assigning a dollar amount to an hour of our time because most salaries are broken down into hourly rates. And yet, when we step out of the office, we quickly forget how valuable a few minutes of our time is.


Time is the most valuable resource available to us. Unless there are some major scientific revelations, it’s impossible to get any of your lost time back. You should protect every second that you have and constantly search for ways to save time wherever possible.


How long have you spent waiting?

In lines at the grocery store, stopped at a traffic light, reading a magazine in a dental office. How much time have you spent in your life simply waiting around?

Both doctors and dentists are notorious for making patients wait an absorbent amount of time in their waiting rooms. If you have an appointment at 12:30PM, shouldn’t you be ushered in to see the dentist around that time? Why would you wait until 12:45 or even 1:00PM?

Those situations say one thing clearly to the patients. The dentist values his time more than he values yours. Because he has failed to manage his schedule properly, you now have to wait and waste one of your most precious resources.

Now, special circumstances do arise from time to time that might cause the odd delay, but if you are waiting more than ten minutes every appointment, you might want to consider a new office.


You have a busy schedule – you shouldn’t have to wait.

You already have enough on your plate. In between soccer practices, work, and oil change appointments, you shouldn’t have to wait extra time for your dental cleaning appointment.


This is a firm belief that we hold here at New Look Dental. One of Dr. Andersen’s main priorities is keeping on schedule. It is extremely rare that we are ever behind on appointments. If you are booked in for noon, we don’t expect you to be reading a National Geographic article until 12:30.

What could you accomplish with an extra half hour in your day? For a busy parent, an extra thirty minutes could mean they finally get some time to themself before bed. We are here to provide our patients with excellent dental care, not to waste their time.

If you are tired of waiting around and are looking for a change, we are currently accepting new patients here at New Look Dental in West Kelowna!


Simply fill out a new patient form by clicking HERE or call our office at anytime! We look forward to meeting you and your family!