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Do Energy Drinks Rot Your Teeth?

Do Energy Drinks Rot Your Teeth?

Chances are, you’ve heard sugary beverages can lead to tooth decay. But what about highly acidic drinks? In a misguided search for a healthier alternative, many people are switching from drinking sodas to drinking sports and energy drinks. Unfortunately, the acidic levels in these drinks can erode tooth enamel, leading to cavities and even tooth rot. If you’re wondering “do energy drinks rot your teeth?” keep reading.

Our Kelowna Dental experts have answered some common questions about the effects of energy drinks on your oral health. 

Why Are Energy Drinks Bad for Your Teeth?  

So, why are energy drinks bad for your teeth? You’ve likely heard of the negative effects of sugar on your teeth, but acidic drinks can be just as (if not more) dangerous for your oral health. Studies conducted comparing the effects of energy and sports drinks found that the acidity of energy drinks was twice as high as sports drinks!

Plaque acids that attack tooth enamel are produced when you consume foods and drinks like energy drinks. Over time, enamel may continue to break down, eventually forming a cavity. Additionally, your mouth produces acid to metabolize food and beverages high in sugars and carbohydrates. While this acid does have some beneficial effects, unfortunately, it also contributes to breaking down your enamel. Experts agree this attack of acid in your mouth occurs for 20 minutes after you’ve finished your last sugary or high acid beverage or food. This means if you’re sipping on energy drinks all day, your mouth is producing a considerable amount of acid, breaking down your enamel. This can lead to a myriad of dental health issues if left unchecked!   

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Do Energy Drinks Rot Your Teeth?  

With all this acid flying around in your mouth after drinking energy drinks, the inevitable question is, “do energy drinks rot your teeth?“. Although the validity of the story is unconfirmed, a man has claimed that his energy drink addiction led to damage requiring 24 fillings and dentures on his front teeth, even though he was brushing regularly. Regardless of whether this story is accurate, it’s encouraged dental health professionals to send out a reminder of the harmful effects of energy drinks on teeth. Regular oral hygiene practices are encouraged as well as regular trips to your Kelowna dentist to make sure small issues don’t turn into larger ones like teeth rot.

Energy Drinks and Health | New Look Dental West Kelowna

How to Mediate the Harmful Effects of Energy Drinks on Teeth   

Our team of Kelowna Dentists recommends limiting your intake of beverages high in sugar and acidic ingredients. However, if you do consume a highly acidic or sugary beverage, such as an energy drink, we recommend chewing sugar-free gum or rinsing your mouth with water after. Both of these tactics increase your saliva flow, which will naturally help the mouth to return its acidity levels to normal. Additionally, you may want to eat cheese, yogurt, or milk. The ingredients in these foods can help balance the acid levels in your mouth.  

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Kelowna Dental Solutions for Damaged Teeth  

If you’ve been frequently consuming energy drinks, you may have already caused some damage to your teeth. We recommend booking an appointment with our team to assess if there are any issues that need to deal with. Leaving a small, easy-to-fix issue like a cavity for a long time can lead to larger, more expensive and more painful issues. If you need anything from fillings to teeth whitening, our team has you covered. We’re currently welcoming new patients and would be happy to sit down with you and create a personalized plan for your oral health.  


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