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5 Reasons Why Adults Are Avoiding The Dentist

5 Reasons Why Adults Are Avoiding The Dentist

Have you been proudly showing off your pearly whites in all of your summer photos so far? Perhaps there is a little voice inside of your head reminding you that you are overdue for your dental checkup and hygiene appointment? There are many reasons people are avoiding the dentist. New Look Dental in West Kelowna is accepting new clients and wants to help put your mind at ease. Some of the most common reasons why adults are avoiding the dentist include:

  1. Cost
  2. Dental Phobia and Dental Anxiety
  3. No time to get to the dentist
  4. Don’t feel they need regular dental visits
  5. Travelling to the dentist is difficult

Reason #1: Avoiding the Dentist Due to Cost

No dental insurance? No problem! Did you know that putting off your regular dental checkups can lead to more expensive repairs and health problems down the road? New Look Dental takes your entire health and well-being into consideration. Misaligned jaw problems may be the root cause of your constant headaches,  sore neck and grinding issues. Self-esteem issues related to misaligned teeth or bad breath could be causing you to hold back your beautiful smile. Unresolved dental plaque can lead to gingivitis, periodontitis and loss of teeth. Crooked teeth are much harder to clean and take care of and can lead to decay. In fact, swallowing bacteria constantly can even affect your heart and other parts of your body. These are just some of the reasons it is vital to take care of your teeth and gums.

We offer all our patients the option of PayBright Financial Services with 0% interest. Instead of using your credit card or using up your savings for dental emergencies or procedures, PayBright offers affordable 12-month payment plans, or, you can pay in full at any time with no penalty. We are happy to discuss your insurance benefits or other financing options if the cost is the main reason you are not visiting your dentist on a regular basis.


Reason # 2: Avoiding the Dentist Due to Dental Phobia & Dental Anxiety

Dental phobia is real and nothing to be ashamed of. Many clients have difficulty with some of the tools, sounds and smells associated with visiting dental clinics. Dental anxiety can be about a variety of things ranging from financial commitment to discomfort or fear of the unknown. At New Look Dental, we want every client to feel calm and relaxed. We are happy to explain your procedures ahead of time to help you understand what we are doing and why it is important for delivering optimum oral health. We invite you to discuss your dental anxiety concerns at the time of booking so that we can deliver a variety of solutions to consider. Some clients require freezing for very basic dental cleaning procedures. Others are relieved to hear about our sedation options when it comes to root canals or endodontic therapy and other general and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our committed and professional team is always happy to help you address any underlying stress.

Reason #3: Avoiding the Dentist Due to Time

We totally understand how hard it can be to juggle work, family and life in general! Especially when you are trying to fit in dentist appointments around your busy schedule. Thankfully, New Look Dental opens at 7:30 am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to help you start your day with a fresh and fabulous smile! We are committed to helping you achieve the best dental care possible. Making time for your oral health is something that directly affects the rest of your wellbeing. Contact us today to book your dental appointment.

Reason #4: Avoiding Dental Visits Because Nothing Hurts

Preventative maintenance goes a long way for being proactive with your smile. Unfortunately, many people don’t book their appointment until they are in pain…something that potentially could have been avoided with regular dental care. New Look Dental reminds clients that there are many bacterial issues and grinding problems such as Bruxism, TMD and items that may be destroying your enamel without you even being aware it is going on until damage has occurred. We monitor your dental health which can change suddenly due to illnesses, medication and lifestyle choices. Don’t wait until there is a problem before you book your appointment!


Reason #5: Avoiding the Dentist Due to Difficulty Travelling

Our dental office is located on Old Okanagan Highway in West Kelowna, close to many amenities and shops. We have ample parking and offer easy access for cabs and buses. We make it simple to book with us and we look forward to seeing you!

How Often Should You See A Dentist?

We recommend biannual visits every six months for general dental checkups, oral health and maintenance. However, if you are experiencing any sudden discomfort or any noticeable changes, please call us right away. Some clients require more frequent dental appointments due to health issues and we are happy to accommodate your dental needs.

It’s never too late to find a dentist that you love! Stop avoiding the dentist and contact New Look Dental today to get started!