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Using Your Dental Benefits Before Year End

Using Your Dental Benefits Before Year End


New Look Dental in West Kelowna wants to help you maximize your 2019 dental benefits. Did you know that most dental insurance plans re-set on January 1st? If you need some help determining where you are at with your current plan, we are always happy to help! There are numerous benefits to using your dental benefits including:

  • Staying on top of tartar buildup and bacteria
  • Monitoring any dental discomfort and providing solutions
  • Measuring gums, pocket depth, periodontal disease or gingivitis
  • Noting grinding or Bruxism wear and tear
  • Fixing bite issues and misaligned smiles
  • Sensitivity solutions
  • Addressing confidence and self-esteem concerns and much more

Using Your Dental Benefits To Protect Your Smile

Regular hygiene appointments cover many aspects of your oral health. We are constantly measuring and monitoring your smile and updating your chart.  Sensitivity issues, cavities, oral cancer screenings, TMJ symptoms, sleep apnea and so much more. Your oral health affects your entire body. Don’t let your dental coverage go to waste! We believe in educating our clients to ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles for your entire family. Our friendly, professional and dedicated team is here to help you realize the smile of your dreams!

Save Money By Using Your Dental Benefits

Dental insurance plans cover a variety of items. Some clients have received their dental appliances at a huge discount or for free. Portions of custom night guards for grinding, sports mouth guards or spacers and retainers may be eligible. Other clients’ plans include different cosmetic procedures available. Treating dental issues in their infancy is always less expensive than putting them off and having them morph into a larger problem. Maintain your regular dental checkups to save money on cavities, fillings, root canals, extractions, sedation options, orthodontics and more.

using your dental benefits Using Your Dental Benefits Gives You Many Reasons To Smile

Say goodbye to that nagging dental pain or discomfort! New Look Dental is happy to deliver dental solutions for any issue. Many problems such as cracked tooth syndrome, dental implants or bridges can take multiple appointments. Using your dental benefits throughout the year can help you accurately budget for your procedures while working around your busy schedule.

Ask Us About Our Teeth Whitening Special In October!

Stay proactive in your oral health and wellness by maintaining your regular dental checkups with us. This is the perfect way to plan your annual dental maintenance and showcase a healthy and radiant smile. We have a special teeth whitening special this October to help you enjoy your pearly whites in time for the upcoming holiday parties and photos.

New Look Dental Welcomes You and Your Family

Our family-friendly dental clinic is committed to helping you love your grin. Using your dental benefits before year-end makes sense! Check out our Google reviews and please feel free to leave one yourself too. We are thrilled to see our West Kelowna dental office grow and we couldn’t do it without you! And, if zero dental benefits are keeping you away from seeing us, we offer affordable dental care with Paybright Financing.

Book your dental checkup with us today to ensure your smile is happy and healthy. Ignoring problems will never make them disappear. Let us help you enjoy the gorgeous, smile you deserve!